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Do you want to give me advice on how to play Shirou better? Do you want to let me know what I'm doing right? Do you just want to plot? Well, this is the post to do that! First, my contact info:

Personal LJ - hurricane_chris
AIM - HurricaneChris04
E-mail - hurchris@ptd.net

If you're too shy to contact me directly, then use this post. This is a general HMD/plotting post. IP logging is off, anon is enabled, and comments are screened.

If you want to give me feedback on how I'm playing, all I ask is two things.

1) Be polite. The less polite you are, the more likely your feedback is to be ignored. I will happily listen to anyone who addresses grievances in a polite manner, however.

2) Tell me why I'm doing well/poorly. Comments like "You're doing a great job!" or "You need work," while they tell me a general opinion, don't tell me enough to raise my confidence or help me improve. If you think I'm doing it right, tell me why I'm doing it right. Conversely, if I'm doing it wrong, tell me how you think it should be done instead. Usage of examples is highly recommended. I'm a visual learner, so actually being able to see examples of what you're talking about helps me out tremendously, and furthermore, arms you with evidence in your favor.

So, with those points in mind, feel free to give me feedback!

Thirtieth Projection


[It's likely that you haven't seen Shirou at all since Christmas morning. He's been keeping to himself during that time, keeping himself busy with the upkeep of the house he's currently renting. The reason is hanging around his neck.]

Since my Pokémon can fly, I shouldn't have a problem traveling to places I've already been. So I'm going to go to Olivine City for a few days, and challenge the gym leader there for my next badge.

So, can anyone tell me about the gym leader in Olivine City? Like, what's their favorite type and how do they fight? I'd like any information that can help.

Twenty-Ninth Projection


Now Ilya's gone, too.

I'm in Violet City right now. I'm going to keep going until I reach Cianwood City and get that HM. Don't try to talk me out of it. This is something I'm dead set on doing now more than ever. I intend to see how much I can do before the first snowfall of the season.


[Shirou has been running around Violet City all day, getting ready to depart a few days earlier than he planned. He's buying healing supplies, cooking ingredients, cleaning supplies, and so on. He's also checking his bicycle to make sure it's ready to go.

Eventually, he'll be properly supplied and fully packed. Once he is, he hops on his bike and starts pedaling west.]

Twenty-Eighth Projection


I made it. I just got into New Bark Town a few minutes ago. I'll spend the night here, then leave first thing tomorrow morning.

Is everyone doing all right?

[Action for New Bark Town]

[Shirou is wandering around New Bark Town. He appears to be searching for somebody.]

Man. It's been a long time since I've last been here.

Twenty-Seventh Projection


Rin Tohsaka has disappeared.

[Text; Filtered to Saber, Lancer, Archer, and Ilya]

I'm leaving Goldenrod. I'm going to backtrack to pick up Ilya, and then we're going to Cianwood. I want to get the Fly HM before winter sets in. Last winter was really bad, and I don't want to be stuck in one city again. Archer, I want you to watch out for Ilya until I can pick her up.

[Action for Goldenrod City; forward-dated to tomorrow]

[Shirou woke up at 5:30 A.M., like he often does. He had packed the night before, so he just grabbed his backpack, slung it on his back, and walked out to the guard house on the north edge of town.

Once on the other side, he threw a Poké Ball, which landed and opened, revealing a Steelix. Shirou climbed atop the Steelix, and they were off.

Feel free to interrupt him at any point during this.]

Twenty-Sixth Projection

[Video; Action for Ecruteak City]

[The feed shows Shirou resting against a set of stone steps. He's covered in soot, looks like he has a couple burns on him, and is cradling his left arm with his right. It looks like he had quite the adventure.]

If anyone is thinking about exploring the Burned Tower in Ecruteak City, I have just one piece of advice for you:


Twenty-Fifth Projection

[Video; Action for Ecruteak City]

[Shirou is sitting in his hotel room, clutching his newly-earned Fog Badge in his hand.]

It's August 2...it's hard to believe, but I've already been here for an entire year.

I think I've been slacking off a little, now that I actually think about it. I've been here for a year and I'm only halfway through the gym challenge. I don't mind a whole lot myself, since this place isn't too bad. Most of the time. And there are a bunch of people I knew back home that I wouldn't have been able to see again if I hadn't come here.

So, how many other people have been here for a year? And how far were you when you hit that mark?

Twenty-Fourth Projection

[Action in Goldenrod City]

[Shirou can be seen on the second floor of the department store, handing in his apron and talking briefly with the shop owner. He then immerses himself in the aisles. Further examination will show that he appears to be stocking up for something. Approach?]

[Video; Filtered to Rin and Saber]

I think we've been in Goldenrod City longer than any other place in Johto so far. Tohsaka, if you're ready, I'm ready to move on. The last time I was in Ecruteak, I didn't get enough time to challenge the gym, and I think Mistileteinn is ready for it now.

Besides, Ecruteak seems like a nice place. It's been a while since I've been able to sleep in a Japanese-style inn, and I hear it's got all sorts of folklore to learn about.

Saber, when we leave, could you try to meet us at the crossroad on Route 36? It's not a long trip from Violet, and we've already backtracked to Violet once. Just...don't go too close to the tree in the middle of the road.

Twenty-Third Projection

[Action; Everywhere BUT Ecruteak City]

Why did this have to happen before I challenged Morty? Figures now that it's sending me everywhere except where I want to go.

[A bit later, Shirou can be found attacking a post with a pair of short swords. He throws the white sword past the post...then it arcs around and slices the post, and he catches it. Then he does the same thing again, this time with the black sword.]

Twenty-Second Projection


[Shirou has been...all over the place today. Running around town, diving into work, attacking a tree with a stick...then later, after he's worn himself out, he sends a message.]


...Dad's gone. His wife, too. They're both gone.

Twenty-First Projection

[Video; Action for those in Violet City]

We're back. We're finally back in Violet City. I liked Goldenrod City, but it's nice to feel like I'm on the move once again.

Saber, where do you want to meet up?

Twentieth Projection

[Action for those in Goldenrod City]

[Shirou finally gets out of the hospital! He opens the door, ready to relish the fresh air again, steps out, and...

...gets raindrops all over his face and a cool breeze blowing up his jacket.]

Oh, come on! What happened to spring? I'm tired of this weather!


Hey, I'm finally out of the hospital. Sorry to anyone I worried. A Pineco got me when it self-destructed, but I'm fine now. More importantly, I stopped the Pineco from getting someone else. Someone really important to me.

Oh, hey, Tohsaka? When you've got a minute, can I come talk to you?

Nineteenth Projection

[Video; filtered to Rin, Lancer, Saber, and Kiritsugu]

Don't believe the report about the Radio Tower. What happened there wasn't a false alarm. I know, because I was in the tower at the time that everything went down.

Team Rocket has taken over the Radio Tower. They kidnapped the Chairman and put a fake Chairman in his place. Then they kicked everyone not native to Johto out of the Radio Tower, threatening to harm the Chairman if we didn't comply.

[Shirou hesitates for a few seconds, before he says the next part.]

I want to do something. There are too many Rockets in the Radio Tower to just storm in, so...I'm gonna have to sneak in. But I need some advice first.

[Shirou could be found standing out in the hallway in the Goldenrod City hotel. He's in front of Rin's room, holding two boxes, one several times larger than the other. He raises his free hand and knocks.]

Hey, it's me.

Seventeenth Projection

[Video; Action on Route 34, near Goldenrod City]

[The feed seems to be floating around overhead; a faint "blim!" reveals the holder as Dainsleif.

Below, a battle is taking place. Shirou is off to the side, encouraging his Charmander in a fight against...another Charmander?]

Dyrnwyn, use Scratch!

[Dyrnwyn leaps at the foe Charmander and scratches it right across the face. In the process, it reveals what the enemy really is, as it lets loose a pained cry of "Ditto!"]

Good hit! Now, try again!

[Dyrnwyn leaps in to hit the Ditto again, but it unleashes a SmokeScreen which blinds the Charmander.]

Damn, not again! Just blow Embers around!

[Dyrwyn starts spinning and tossing embers around, but Ditto manages to avoid them and gets Dyrnwyn in the face with a Scratch of its own.]

Damn, this isn't working! Dyrnwyn, return!

[Shirou aims his Poké Ball at Dyrnwyn and recalls him. He throws out another ball, and a Skarmory pops out.]

Be careful, Excalibur, this thing can use Ember! Keep your distance and hit it with Air Cutter!

[Excalibur stays out of the Ditto's attack range and fires an Air Cutter at it. The Ditto tries to dodge, but still gets grazed. And with the level difference, one graze is all it takes. Shirou pulls out a Great Ball.]

Great Ball...GO!

[Shirou throws the Great Ball. It hits Ditto in the head, pulls it in, falls to the ground, and starts shaking as the Ditto tries to escape. After a few seconds, though, it lets out a "ping" as the Great Ball locks it in. Shirou walks over to pick it up.]

Ditto, the one Pokémon that can transform into its opponents...there's only one appropriate name for you.

Welcome to the team, Archer.

Sixteenth Projection

[Video; Action for those in Goldenrod Radio Tower]

[Shirou is taking his lunch break. He's got an empty box, which originally held a lunch, sitting on the table in front of him. He's also wearing his Enginner outfit, sans the hat.]

The Radio Tower has been pretty busy today. I've been lucky and working on the upper floors, so I haven't had to make my way through crowded rooms too much, but I still couldn't help but notice.

Also, is it just me or does radio play a larger role here in Johto than it does back home? I mean, I never listened to the radio much at all. I'd like to have a choice in music I listen to, and I get all of my news from the television. But here, there's all sorts of programs! There's a program that teaches about Pokémon and where they can be found, radio dramas, that password show...I don't remember this kind of variety back home. And our PokéGear has a radio program, too. I feel like the people here rely on radio just as much as they do on television.

So, I'm curious. Did anyone else have this kind of variety back home, or did your radio stations just play music?

Fifteenth Projection


So, uh...

Does Whitney always cry when someone beats her?

That was the most awkward thing I had to go through since I got here...

Fourteenth Projection


[Shirou can be found in Azalea Town's Pokémon Center, holding a Hivebadge in his left hand and his PokéGear in his right.]

All right! I finally got my second badge. That fight was way too easy, though.

You know, it feels kind of weird to be able to win that easily against someone. I'm...probably a bit too used to struggling to win by now.

Now that that's done, though, I'm ready to kiss Azalea Town goodbye. It's a nice town, but I'm ready to move on.

So, what's Goldenrod City like?

Thirteenth Projection

[Action -- Location: Azalea Town]

[What's that absolutely delectable scent filling the hallways of the Azalea Town inn? Someone seems to be cooking a traditional Japanese dinner to keep people warm amidst the blizzard.

A trip to the kitchen will reveal one Shirou Emiya, hard at work chopping vegetables and cooking them in the frying pan. Again, I must reiterate: It. Smells. DELICIOUS.]

I haven't done this in way too long! It's good to see I haven't lost my touch.

Twelfth Projection

[Action | Cianwood City]

[So there Shirou was, minding his own business, when a flash blinded him temporarily. When his eyes had finally readjusted, he was...]

...Hey, what? Azalea Town doesn't have a beach!

[...in Cianwood City, looking out over the ocean.]

Hey, what's going on here?!

[Shirou pulls out his PokéGear.]


Hey! Does anybody know what's going on here?! One minute I was in Azalea Town, now I'm...I don't even know where!

Tohsaka! What about you? Are you all right?

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